Sweet Angel-Colored Pencil

Sweet Angel-Colored Pencil

Bottle of Victoria Secret perfume Sweet Angel. Edited and Colored Pencil filter applied.


Door Handle-Ripple

Door Handle-Ripple

The inside of the door handle of my dads Jeep. Edited and Ripple filter applied

10 Amazing Photographs-Question

1. Describe the Amazing Photographs Project overall that you completed. How did you approach the project and the photos? What did you do really well and what needs improvement? Where did you take most of the photographs?

– Most of the pictures taken were from when I still lived in Dallas, OR. That was when I first got my camera, and I just loved going around taking pictures of whatever I could. What I do well is firmly show what exactly the picture is of, and what theme it is. Improvement could fit in with editing. I tend to not like things to look abnormal, so I simply sharpen them and in no way change the colors. I always approach a project with as much creativity as I can.

2. Describe each of the 10 Final Photos that you edited and completed.

– The descriptions are with the photos.

3. Do you think that you approached all of your photographs with the most creativity possible? Why or why not?

– Although I try to be creative, I prefer to stick to a theme I do the best at, which is animals, landscapes, and skyscapes.

4. Rate your overall performance in the class. How much effort was put in to it and do you think you invested enough time in editing?

– I think I did very well. I never spend more than about 5 minutes editing because I don’t like doing anything major to my photos.

5. What grade do you think you earned on this project and why?

– I think a B. I could have done a better job editing, but I had many photos to go through and not enough time at home to mess with them.


Another lovely sunrise when walking to school in Dallas. I like how there are many different kinds of yellow and orange in the sky.